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Trustees Act on Personnel, Etc.


     COLUMBUS -- The Ohio State University Board of Trustees met

Friday (5/6) and acted on a number of matters, which are detailed

in this and the accompanying news releases.

Personnel Appointments

     Wayne K. Hoy, professor of education at Rutgers University,
was appointed to the Novice G. Fawcett Chair in Educational
Administration, effective Oct. 1.
     Hoy has conducted studies on the evaluation and promotion
criteria for teachers in the New Jersey public schools, the
bureaucratic socialization of student teachers, the relationship
between secondary school characteristics and student alienation,
characteristics of teachers, and socialization and pupil control.
     He has written or edited several books.  Hoy currently
serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Research and
Development in Education and the Journal of Educational
Administration, the review board of The McGill Journal of
Education, and the advisory board of the Journal of School
     Hoy formerly served as associate dean for academic affairs
in the Graduate School of Education and as chair of the
Department of Educational Administration at Rutgers University.
     From 1965 until joining Rutgers in 1973, he taught at
Oklahoma State University.  Hoy has a bachelor's degree from Lock
Haven (Pa.) State College, and master's and doctoral degrees in
education from The Pennsylvania State University.
     The Fawcett Chair was established as a professorship in 1966
by members and former members of the Ohio State Board of Trustees
on the occasion of Novice Fawcett's 10th anniversary as president
of the university.  Additional funds to endow the chair were
contributed by friends upon his retirement in 1972.
     The chair was last held by Luvern L. Cunningham, who is now
professor emeritus in the Department of Educational Policy and

     Trustees formally named Ferdinand A. Geiger, athletic
director of the University of Maryland at College Park, as
director of athletics, effective July 1.  From May 16 to June 30,
he will serve as special assistant to the vice president for
student affairs.

     The Board of Trustees named Stephen A. Buser of UPPER
ARLINGTON as chairperson of the Department of Finance for a four-
year term beginning Oct. 1.  Buser, who teaches the stock market
investment class at Ohio State, has been acting chairperson since

     Three chairpersons were reappointed to four-year terms
beginning July 1:
     =FE James S. King of UPPER ARLINGTON, Department of Cell
Biology, Neurobiology, and Anatomy.
     =FE Douglas A. Rund of WORTHINGTON, Department of Emergency
     =FE Randall E. Harris of WORTHINGTON, Department of Preventive

     Named professor emeritus were:
     =FE Oscar E. Bradfute of WOOSTER, Department of Plant
Pathology, retroactive to April 1.
     =FE Alexander M. Main of WESTERVILLE, School of Music,
effective July 1.

     The board appointed seven people to the Arthur G. James
Cancer Hospital and Research Institute Board for terms ending
April 30, 1995:
     =FE Alex Shumate, COLUMBUS, university trustee.
     =FE David L. Brennan, AKRON, university trustee.
     =FE Henry G. Cramblett, UPPER ARLINGTON, senior physician and
faculty member.
     =FE Edward H. Hayes, UPPER ARLINGTON, vice president for
     =FE Ellen Hardymon, DELAWARE, general public member.
     =FE William J. Shkurti of UPPER ARLINGTON, vice president for
     =FE Richard J. Solove, WESTERVILLE, general public member.

Endowed Funds

     Trustees established seven new named endowed funds,
including two benefiting the College of Veterinary Medicine.

     The Heldt Family Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine was
established with $15,000 in gifts from cat owner Lewis Rolfes
Heldt.  Heldt's scholarship is in memory and honor of pets "Cat,"
"Coco," "Snoopy," "Charley/Orangy," and "Mama Cat and Four
     Heldt, a resident of Toledo, earned a Master of Arts degree
in education from Ohio State in 1951.
     Income from the endowment is to provide one or more
scholarships for students in veterinary medicine who are
"committed to the study and practice of animal geriatrics and the
dealing with the pet owner in a caring, compassionate,
supporting, and consoling manner."
     The Marjorie C. Martin/American Maltese Association Paladin
Veterinary Research Fund was established with gifts totaling
$175,317 from the estate of Marjorie C. Martin.  Martin, who
lived in Columbus, was a breeder and raiser of championship
Maltese dogs including a dog named Paladin.  Martin left the bulk
of her estate to fund research.  Additional monies for the
endowment will come from upcoming sales of parcels of real estate
that she owned in Columbus.
     Income from the endowment will be used for veterinary
research into diseases, defects, injuries and treatment of
Maltese dogs and related toy breeds.  Toy breeds are those in
which a typical adult animal weighs 7 pounds or less.  Particular
emphasis, at least initially, is to be given to problems of
reproduction, hypoglycemia, risks of surgery, and use of
     Use of funds and research performed are to be reported
annually to the American Maltese Association.

     Trustees also established:
     =FE The Helen O'Brien Hefner Cancer Research Endowment Fund,
     =FE The Harry E. Ashmead Memorial Fund in Electrical
Engineering for teaching and research, $18,203.
     =FE The David H. Adamkin Athletic Scholarship Fund in Honor of
Randall Dale Ayers, for men's basketball players,  $15,318.
     =FE Jean W. and Clarence J. Cunningham 4-H Leadership Fund for
programs and activities in the colleges of Agriculture and Human
Ecology, $15,000.
     =FE The Donald J. Pearson, M.D., and Ruth M. Pearson Memorial
Endowment Fund for cancer research at the Arthur G. James Cancer
Hospital and Research Institute, $15,000.

Property Sale

     The Board of Trustees voted to sell 470 acres of the 1,278-
acre Barnebey Center to the Columbus and Franklin County
Metropolitan Park District.
     Barnebey Center is 12 miles south of Lancaster in Fairfield
and Hocking counties.  Metro Parks owns about 2,200 acres of
adjacent property to the east.
     Barnebey has been used for many years by the School of
Natural Resources as a field laboratory for forest and wildlife
management and environmental education and for research.  For
several years, the school has offered spring quarter classes at
the center.
     The tract being sold has a seven-acre lake and several
buildings containing classroom, dormitory and cafeteria
     In 1990, the College of Agriculture and the School of
Natural Resources began to reevaluate the need for the facility
because of limited use made for research and instruction and
expenses that would be necessary to renovate and modernize the
facilities to make them safe and habitable.
     In September 1992, the Board of Trustees authorized the sale
of the entire center to Metro Parks for $1.1 million.  Because of
financial considerations, Metro Parks offered to purchase part of
the property for $500,000.
     As a condition of the sale, Ohio State will retain the
right, in perpetuity, to use the Barnebey Center and adjoining
Metro Parks land for education and research.
     Proceeds from the sale will be used to establish two
endowments, the Barnebey Family and Annabelle Hoge scholarship
funds, in recognition of the people who donated to Ohio State 985
and 179 acres of the land, respectively.

Building Improvements

     Trustees authorized university officials to request
construction bids for:
     =FE  Renovating two rooms in McCampbell Hall, for an exercise
area with supporting offices and exam rooms to accommodate the
relocation of the cardiac rehabilitation program from Larkins
Hall, and for cosmetic renovation of the third floor of the
Nisonger Center, with construction cost estimated at $209,667.
     =FE  Replacing the roof on Selby Hall at the Ohio Agricultural
Research and Development Center at Wooster, with construction
cost estimated at $110,000.
     =FE  Constructing a corridor from the second floor Radiology
Department in Rhodes Hall to connect new cardiac catheterization
labs and modular units, with construction cost estimated at
     =FE  Abating asbestos in two mechanical rooms in Postle Hall,
at an estimated construction cost of $129,000.
     =FE  Doing site work and installing utilities for a new
building donated by the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation for use by the
Department of Agronomy and the Turfgrass Management Program, with
work estimated to cost $164,000.  The building will be located
east of North Star and Ridgeview roads .

Research Contracts

     Trustees approved 173 research contracts totaling
$16,049,092.14.  Those singled out for special mention included:
     =FE A $1.3 million project to establish National Excellence in
Materials Joining Education and Training as a regional based
program to retrain the manufacturing work force in the area of
materials joining.  The training program will provide a
nationally approved means for attaining industry-recognized
diplomas, certificates, and degrees, according to the
university's Research Foundation.  W.A. Baeslack III, professor
of welding engineering, is the project leader.  Funding is being
provided by the Department of the Air Force.
     =FE A $703,000 project, also funded by the Air Force, to
institute the Practice-Oriented Manufacturing Engineering Program
at the master's degree level to train engineers and people with
technical backgrounds looking for additional education and career
options.  Project leaders are R.A. Miller of the Department of
Industrial and Systems Engineering, J.B. Cruz Jr. of the
Engineering Experiment Station, and J.T. Demel of the Department
of Engineering Graphics.
     =FE A $204,800 study, funded by the National Science
Foundation, to conduct spectroscopic detection and
characterization of chemical intermediates, which include free
radicals and molecular ions that are involved in complex chemical
reactions.  T.A. Miller of the Department of Chemistry, is
conducting the study.
     =FE Enterprise Ohio, a minority economic development planning
project.  It involves the design and development of a state-wide
research and leadership training program and a small and medium
scale enterprise venture development program to assist African
Americans and other racial minorities in developing, owning and
operating private businesses.  J.J. Russell of the Office of
Academic Affairs is conducting the project, with $28,750 from the
Ohio Department of Development.

Miscellaneous Business

     In other actions, the board:
     =FE Approved the conferring of degrees and certificates on
June 10 to persons who have completed the requirements for them.
     =FE Heard reports on molecular life sciences and on
restructuring from Richard Sisson, senior vice president for
academic affairs and provost.
     =FE Heard an update on the early retirement incentive program
for faculty by Edward J. Ray, senior vice provost.
     =FE Heard an update on the university's faculty workload
policy, by Robert Arnold, associate provost.
     =FE Voted to refinance up to $8.5 million of the debt of River
Road Hotel Corp. to take advantage of lower interest rates and
increased cash flow.  River Road owns and operates the Ramada
University Hotel and Conference Center at 3110 Olentangy River
Road.  The outstanding mortgage with John Hancock Mutual Life
Insurance Co. has an interest rate of 10 percent.  The
university's endowment fund is the sole shareholder of the
     =FE Approved guidelines for financing the next development
campaign.  The plan calls for no general funds money to be used
for fund raising.  Instead, about $1.6 million per year is
expected to be generated from a combination of four sources: a
portion of the interest on current use gifts, recouping
stewardship costs from existing endowments, reducing by a half
percent the distribution on new endowments, and unrestricted gift
     =FE Approved 36 waivers of competitive bidding requirements
totaling $5,694,804, including 29 for sole source suppliers, two
for emergencies, and five for sufficient economic reasons.

Contact:  Tom Spring, University Communications,
          (614) 292-8309.

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