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University Square hits new milestone with opening of new building

Offices and retail are part of the long-term vision for University Square

The reimagined front door to The Ohio State University continues to take shape with additional restaurants and retail stores coming to University Square South.

University Square South is the newest building to open in the University Square project. Led by Campus Partners, University Square connects the campus core of Ohio State and to the heart of the University District at the intersection of 15th and High Street. 

The project is part of a long-term vision for the university to connect with the surrounding neighborhood in a more intentional way.

Three main buildings now anchor the project site. University Square North opened in August 2021 and is now accompanied by University Square South. WOSU Public Media’s newly built headquarters located at 14th and Pearl opened in the summer of 2021. The project transforms Pearl Alley into a vibrant, welcoming, urban pedestrian alley. A signature hotel and parking garage are also envisioned on the site, but a timeline is to be determined.

University Square South will be mixed-use with the first restaurant, Smashburger, opening at the end of May. More restaurants and retailers are being planned.

Administrative offices currently located in Bricker Hall and other locations will move to University Square South beginning in late May. That move will open new academic space on the Oval while centralizing administrative offices along High Street.

The Department of Economics and programs from the College of Social Work and College of Arts and Sciences are expected to join the Office of Academic Affairs in Bricker Hall.

Staff from the Office of the President, the offices of Academic Affairs, Marketing and Communications, and Business and Finance as well as the Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge are some of the units moving into University Square South.

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