10:17 AM

​University Statement on Marching Band

The Ohio State University today reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring a campus that is welcoming to all and is free from any form of hatred or intolerance. The Wall Street Journal recently published a report about the Ohio State Marching Band that drew renewed attention to a secret songbook that was uncovered and publicly reported by the university in investigations last year. In response, the university issued the following statement:


Our focus is and always will be on the welfare of our outstanding students and the quality of their experience. At Ohio State there is no place for bigotry or hatred in any form. The Wall Street Journal article depicts a culture that the university uncovered last year in its own internal investigation and was corroborated by the report of an independent task force. The behavior described was shocking when it was uncovered by the university a year ago and it remains shocking as it is described in the Wall Street Journal story. It is the type of unacceptable behavior reflected in this songbook that Ohio State has committed to eradicating from its marching band program. Beginning in July 2014, Ohio State took decisive and immediate action to stop the behavior and change the culture. A special committee commissioned by the president is actively implementing the 37 recommendations from the independent task force and taking other actions to ensure that this culture has fundamentally changed and offers a safe, healthy, and positive educational environment for our band students moving forward.