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Update on Ohio State elevator testing for Oct. 27


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Update on Ohio State elevator testing
Today, rather than completing brake tests on low-rise building elevators as previously announced, resources were directed toward ensuring safety in the South Campus high rise buildings with elevators of the same configuration and renovation history as those in Stradley Hall. All of the passenger elevators in Park, Steeb, and Morrison Halls that passed the brake tests earlier this week were given a second, different test, as an extra precaution and assurance. They all passed the second test as well.

In Smith Hall, where both passenger elevators failed the first brake test, a crew spent the day installing a new brake assembly. This work is still going on, but university officials are hopeful it will be completed tonight and that the state inspectors will be able to perform a comprehensive full-load test on it tomorrow so it can be returned to service. If that happens, five of the six south campus high rises will have at least 2 working, safety-tested elevators for residents' use. The two passenger elevators in Stradley will remain closed for the weekend at a minimum, but an adjacent freight elevator is in use for passengers.

Tests were conducted today on two low-rise elevators. The one in Baker West showed a potential problem and the elevator has been shut down pending a re-test. Another elevator in Bradley-Paterson passed. Testing of the remaining 14 low-rise elevators will resume next week.

At this point, these are the results: 53 of 67 total residence hall elevators have been tested. Seven failed the first brake test and are out of service, pending repairs and recertification. All currently operational passenger elevators in Steeb, Park, and Morrison have been tested twice and passed both tests. Three elevators in Siebert have passed one brake test, and are not the same model as those that failed in sister buildings.

One of those, Smith One, may be repaired and recertified this weekend. There are two closed elevators in Stradley, two in Smith, one in Park, one in Steeb, and one in Baker West.

The university does not plan to issue any updates on elevators on Saturday or Sunday, unless there is major news. The next report will be early next week.