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Wolfe Family $1 Million Gift Doubles Endowment to Support Scholarships to Study Abroad

More Ohio State students will have an opportunity to receive financial assistance to study abroad as a result of a $1 million gift from The Dispatch Printing Company. This gift doubles the endowment that supports the Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship Fund and was presented to President E. Gordon Gee at the ninth annual Wolfe Study Abroad Recognition Luncheon on May 1. This year 25 students were awarded scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each.

"I am truly grateful to John Wolfe and his family, who have once again demonstrated their deep commitment to The Ohio State University and its students," said Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee. "The Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarships provide critical resources to enable our students – now and in the future – to enrich their educational experience through study abroad. Thanks to the Wolfes' vision and generosity, Ohio State students are well-prepared for leadership in our global society."

Established in 1999 by John F. Wolfe, chairman and CEO of The Dispatch Printing Company, the Wolfe Fund has been the cornerstone of financial support for Ohio State's study abroad programs and has enabled a growing number of students to participate in quarter- or summer-long programs they otherwise would not have been able to afford. The scholarships are administered and awarded to students through the Office of International Affairs.

"The Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarships already have enhanced the educational experience of more than 180 talented Ohio State students who have studied abroad in 39 different countries," said Dieter Wanner, Ohio State's interim associate provost of international affairs.

"These scholarships have helped the university attract those students seeking ways to enrich their academic program through an international experience. Studying abroad enables students to gain a sense of independence, become more confident, improve their communications skills, and acquire valuable skills in preparation for today's job market," he said.

Eric Melton, a recent recipient of the Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship who studied abroad in Spain, said: "When you travel to another country, it really forces you to figure out who you are and what you enjoy because you do not have access to the comforts of home. I experienced new places, sights and a culture that I will never forget."

The Office of International Affairs administers over 100 study abroad programs in more than 40 different countries. These programs give students an opportunity to become involved in cross-cultural interaction and enjoy a rewarding educational experience in fields from language studies to agriculture, engineering to business, and many more. Close to 20 percent of undergraduates participate in a study abroad program during their academic career at Ohio State.

Internationalization is one of nine university-wide priority areas articulated by the Office of Academic Affairs. The university continues to build and focus on the core international activities that will be essential to Ohio State's continued impact on the global community.

The 2007-2008 Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship recipients are:

 Jeffrey Ault, senior majoring in mathematics and Spanish (Ecuador)
 Benjamin Borelli, sophomore majoring in aviation management and international business (Germany)
 Amy DeDonato, junior majoring in architecture (Italy)
 Nicole Feronti, sophomore majoring in international studies (Russia)
 Grace Fry, junior majoring in Mathematics and French (France)
 Kristy Fultz, junior majoring in biology with a minor in Spanish (Spain)
 Lindsey Gibson, sophomore majoring in international studies and sociology (France)
 Andrea Green, junior majoring finance and political science (England)
 Judith Gregory, junior majoring in Japanese and French (Japan)
 Phillip Gustafson, junior majoring in business finance (Singapore)
 Darrin Hulit, sophomore majoring in agribusiness with a minor in international studies (Dominican Republic)
 Sean Ivery, senior majoring in finance with a minor in fashion design and Italian (Italy)
 Tyler Kimberly, sophomore majoring in Russian and philosophy (Russia)
 Charles Murman II, sophomore majoring in industrial systems engineering (France)
 Loan (Kathy) Nguyen, junior majoring in Spanish (Spain)
 Noorjahan Rahman, sophomore majoring in history and political science with a minor in Spanish (England)
 Cara Ricci, junior majoring in speech and hearing science with a minor in Spanish (Mexico)
 Samantha Roeth, junior majoring in Spanish with a minor in Portuguese (Spain)
 Tal Sack, senior majoring in international studies with a minor in Middle East Studies and economics (Israel)
 Julie Serr, senior majoring in animal science with a minor in life sciences (Australia)
 Christina Shallenberger, junior majoring in nursing (Australia)
 Kristin Silver, sophomore majoring in psychology with a minor in neuroscience and Slavic and Eastern European Studies (Czech Republic)
 Matthew Suguitan, junior majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in German (Germany)
 Jessica Suman, sophomore majoring in landscape horticulture with a minor in agribusiness (China)
 Matthew Tobias, senior majoring in middle childhood education with a minor in history (Germany)