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​Celebrating a century for TBDBITL’s oldest alumnus


The oldest alumnus of The Ohio State University Marching Band is marking a milestone this week. Steubenville’s Anthony Violi turned 100 years old on Friday.

Violi, a trumpet player in the marching band, was also the band director at Steubenville High School. Violi marched with TBDBITL from 1937 until graduation in 1942.

According to Steubenville’s WTOV, Violi has taught over 1,000 students. He said he still gets thanks from students he taught decades ago.

And Violi is still teaching music. He is a band instructor at Bishop Mussio Elementary School.

Violi is expected to dot the “i” when alumni members joined the marching band to perform Script Ohio during the game against Tulane in September.

Video courtesy of WTOV reporter Jaime Baker & News Director Don Sloan