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Firm Gives Space to OSU Regional Office

Firm Gives Space to OSU Regional Office


     CINCINNATI -- Thanks to the generosity of architectural firm
Brandstetter/Carroll Inc., the Cincinnati Regional Office of The
Ohio State University has a new home.

     The regional office is now located in space donated by
Brandstetter/Carroll at 424 E. Fourth St. in downtown Cincinnati.

     "Corporate philanthropy such as this is important to our
institution," explained Jerry A. May, vice president for
university development at Ohio State.  "We are especially
gratified by Brandstetter/Carroll's commitment to our regional
development program."

     Brandstetter/Carroll is an engineering, architectural and
planning firm with offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland and
Lexington, Ky.  The firm employs 40 people.

     The firm was founded in 1979 by Lawrence W. Brandstetter,
currently president, and Michael E. Carroll.  Brandstetter earned
a B.S. degree in 1971 and an M.S. degree in 1974 in architecture,
both from Ohio State.

     The firm's Cincinnati office is managed by Bruce G.
Brandstetter, P.E., who received a B.S. degree in civil
engineering from Ohio State in 1978.

     "We are pleased to be able to support an institution with
such an important presence in Ohio in a way that also benefits
the Cincinnati area by providing a close relationship with Ohio
State," said firm president Larry Brandstetter.

     Ohio State opened its Cincinnati office in 1988 to bring the
university closer to the approximately 20,000 alumni in the
Greater Cincinnati and Miami Valley regions.  The office, part of
Ohio State's Office of University Development, is one of six
located around Ohio and the nation which provide area alumni and
friends with a local connection to Ohio State.

     Nancy J. Schaaf has been director of Ohio State's Cincinnati
office since its inception.
Contact: Nancy Schaaf, (513) 651-1560.

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