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Ford gives vans to OSU


     COLUMBUS -- To assist crime prevention efforts in The Ohio
State University area, Ford Motor Co. in cooperation with Krieger
Ford Inc. of Columbus provided two new vans to Ohio State's Crime
Watch Escort Service this summer.

     The Ford Aerostar minivans are used for safe late-night
transportation of university students, staff and faculty by the
Crime Watch Escort Service, explained James P. Kane Jr., director
of Student Organization Services.  The new vans replaced two vans
which were provided by Krieger Ford in 1991.

     "The vans have had a significant impact on the Crime Watch
Service, enabling the service to expand the number of escorts
provided for the Ohio State community.  Ford and Krieger Ford are
to be commended for their continuing support of safety efforts at
Ohio State," said Kane.

     "We are pleased to be associated with such an important
program at Ohio State University, and both Ford Motor Co. and
Krieger Ford hope for its great success," said Doug Krieger,
president of Krieger Ford Inc.

     The Crime Watch Escort Service began operation in 1986 as a
non-intervention crime prevention service through the
Undergraduate Student Government, providing walking escorts to
on-campus locations, as well as patrolling campus and reporting
suspicious activities to authorities.  The service is advised by
the Office of Student Organizational Services, and all escorts
receive training from the University Police.

     In 1990-91, Ford Motor Co. donated the use of two vans for
the service.  The addition of mobile units made it possible to
expand the program to off-campus locations where thousands of
Ohio State students live.

     The number of escorts has increased dramatically since then,
from 17,652 during the 1990-91 school year to an estimated 36,000
for 1992-93, of which 85 percent are by van.  While only 30 to 40
escorts can be performed per night on foot alone, more than 100
can be provided with the use of the vans.

     Operating seven days a week, the free service has expanded
its hours over the years to meet increased demand.  It is
available from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. during the academic quarters.

     Well-known by students across the campus, the vans have
become a familiar symbol of community safety.

     "The Crime Watch Escort Service is doing a great job of
addressing the problems of crime through prevention.  We are
proud to be a partner in a program that will enhance the
educational experience for so many students by providing a safe
learning environment," said Robert L. Rewey, vice president of
Marketing and Sales Operations for Ford Motor Co.


Contact:  Jim Kane, 292-8763.

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