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Gee to Tackle Velcro Wall

                         NEWS ADVISORY:

     Ohio State University President Gordon Gee is expected to
don a velcro suit and fling himself onto a 35-foot high
inflatable velcro wall as one of the attractions at a three-day
health and fitness fair.  Gee's assault on the wall will take
place at 10 a.m., Thursday, Sept. 30, on the South Oval (north of
12th Avenue, west of the Ohio Union).  The event is part of the
the Collegiate Health and Fitness Tour, held from 10 a.m. to 4
p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 28, through Thursday, Sept. 30.

     The fair features include the velcro wall, a computerized
alcohol I.Q. test, an inflatable wall for rock climbing, putt-
putt golf, bankshot basketball, speed pitch, and a blood
pressure/body fat analysis.  The Collegiate Health and Fitness
Tour is a traveling exhibit designed to increase awareness of
health issues and resources on campus.  The events promote
healthful living and attempt to convince students that they can
have fun without drugs and alcohol.  The event is co-sponsored by
Ohio State's Student Health Services and the Undergraduate
Student Government.

     Scheduled celebrity participants are:

Time      Guest                                   Activity

                    September 29, 1993
9:00      Jim Nichols, University Treasurer       Putt-Putt
          Dan Heinlen, president of Alumni Assn.  Putt-Putt
          Ted Celeste, Trustee                    Basketball

                    September 30, 1993
10:00     Gordon Gee, President                   Velcro Wall
          Cindy Lazarus, City Council president   Velcro Wall
          Herb Asher, spec.ass't. state relations Velcro Wall
          Linda Tom, VP for Human Resources       Velcro Wall
          Bill Shkurti, VP for Finance            Fast Pitch
          Janet Pichette, VP for Business         Putt-Putt,
          David Williams, VP for Student Affairs  Putt-Putt,

For more information, call Jack Miner, Undergraduate Student
Government, 292-8454; or Randi Love, Student Health Services
Department of Health Promotion, 292-4527.

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