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Ohio State Marching Band member prepares for new season, starring role


It’s time to lead for Sydney Reik. The trombone player in The Ohio State University Marching Band is back on the field as summer practice begins and ready to help the rookies.

It’s time to lead for Sydney Reik. The trombone player in The Ohio State University Marching Band is back on the field as summer practice begins and ready to help the rookies.

Reik, a rising third-year majoring in middle childhood education, feels she’s experienced enough to mentor students trying to make the band this summer.

“I feel comfortable dedicating myself to the new people. I feel that when I put myself out there and I’m helping them learn their stuff for the first time it helps them,” she said. But it helps me make sure I know my stuff too. It’s kind of a test for me.

Reik has focused on music or marching band since she was a child. She’s played trombone since the fifth grade but learned piano when she was five years old.

“I’ve been in various orchestras, bands and choirs throughout my entire life,” she said. “Having that musical background, that’s mainly what I bring to the table.

Reik is also preparing to be in the spotlight for another reason. Her experience in the 141st season of the marching band will soon appear on the silver screen.

A new documentary “TBDBITL 141” will have a theatrical debut in the fall and Reik is featured prominently in the movie. “TBDBITL 141” takes viewers inside the 141st season of the marching band, from summer practice to tryouts to the makings of their legendary halftime shows.

The season was a special one for the marching band, featuring historic trips to New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and to the Rose Bowl. The Macy’s parade was a first for TBDBITL.

Reik hasn’t seen the full movie but she has previewed some of the clips in which she appears and the trailer promoting the film.

“It’s just incredible to watch yourself on the big screen, to see yourself reflected,” she said. “It’s nice to have all these memories to look back on.

The documentary is currently in post-production. University Communications Director of National Broadcast Media Joe Camoriano is the producer and director of the film.

“We were fortunate to witness this special season through the experiences and emotions of students like Sydney,” Camoriano said. “It’s really their story and we’re excited for everyone to see their hard work and dedication.”

An experienced filmmaker, he and his team had exclusive access on the marching band from the start of summer practice, to tryouts, to New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

“To be able to remember all those times, with those specific friends, doing those specific shows, to have that in my memory forever and now on film, on the screen, in photos… it’s just magical,” she said.

Reik is preparing for a new season while waiting to see the premiere of “TBDBITL 141. She said she’s ready for another challenging but rewarding season.

“Going in, you know beforehand as you’re prepping for this marching band program that it’s intense,” she said. “You know it. You dedicate yourself to it. You dedicate your time. So you just got to do it.

Proceeds from "TBDBITL 141" will support Ohio State Marching Band scholarship funds.