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Ohio State News Alert: Preparing for winter break

Safety tips before leaving off-campus housing

As classes wind down and students prepare for final exams, Kristina M. Johnson, president of The Ohio State University, gave several tips on how to prepare for winter break. 

Some key tips on what to do before leaving an off-campus residence unoccupied include:

  • Picking up and installing complimentary door and window alarms and light timers provided by Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement.
  • Closing and locking all windows, which can help prevent break-ins and cold air from getting in. 
  • Ensuring the home is properly heated to avoid pipes freezing.
  • Removing anything of value from inside a car that is left at the residence and locking the doors.
  • Taking in mail or packages, and putting mail on hold via the U.S. Postal Service to prevent deliveries from piling up. 

A full list on preparing your residence when away is available from the Office of Student Life.

In the new video, Johnson also congratulated students for reaching this point of the semester. 

“You have persevered – and all of you so deserve the upcoming time off,” she said.

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