12:00 AM

Ohio State provides updates on elevator tests and repairs on Oct. 30

Brake testing continued on Ohio State University residence hall elevators today (10/30). No new deficiencies were discovered. Elevators in Blackburn, Scott, Norton, Barrett, Bradley, Bradley-Paterson, and Mack halls passed the brake test. Still remaining to be tested are elevators in Baker Hall (2), Canfield (1), Neil (2), Worthington (1), Scholars House East (1), and Scholars House West (1), Paterson (1), and Archer House (1).

In addition, over the weekend, an elevator in Smith Hall was repaired and passed the comprehensive full-load inspection by the Ohio Department of Commerce and is now back in service. By mid-week, it is anticipated that one elevator in Park and Stradley halls will be similarly repaired, inspected and returned to service.

As of 4 p.m. Monday, these are the completed elevator tests and results:

Low-rise buildings
Blackburn 1 passed; 0 failed
Scott 1 passed, 0 failed
Norton 1 passed; 0 failed
Barrett 1 passed; 0 failed
Bradley 1 passed; 0 failed
Bradley-Paterson 1 passed; 0 failed
Baker West 0 passed; 1 failed
Houck 1 passed; 0 failed
Mack 2 passed; 0 failed
Nosker 1 passed; 0 failed
Haverfield 1 passed, 0 failed
Halloran 1 passed, 0 failed
Canfield 2 passed; 1 to be tested

High rise buildings
Drackett Tower 4 passed; 0 failed
Jones Tower 3 passed; 0 failed
Lincoln Tower 6 passed; 0 failed
Morrill Tower 6 passed; 0 failed
Morrison Tower 3 passed; 0 failed
Siebert Hall 3 passed; 0 failed
Taylor Tower 4 passed; 0 failed
Park Hall 2 passed; 1 failed
Steeb Hall 2 passed; 1 failed
Smith Hall 1 passed: 2 failed (one repaired and back in service)
Stradley Hall 1 passed; 2 failed

Six elevators are currently closed pending repairs and inspection: two in Stradley, one in Park, one in Smith, one in Steeb and one in Baker West. The university expects to return the elevator in Park Hall back to service by mid-week, as well as the second elevator that failed inspection in Stradley Hall.