12:00 AM

Ohio State re-opens two residence hall elevators

COLUMBUS – Two residence hall elevators at The Ohio State University have been repaired and reopened today, following an inspection by the Ohio Department of Commerce. The two elevators, one in Park Hall and the other Stradley Hall, were taken out of operation last week following brake tests to ensure their safe operation.

Over the past week, brake tests have been conducted on 56 of the 66 residence hall elevators. The remaining elevators will be tested over the next week. Three elevators, in Steeb Hall, Smith Hall and Baker West, that failed break tests last week, will be repaired and certified as soon as possible. The elevator involved in the accident on Oct. 20 in Stradley Hall remains out of operation.


Editors Note: This will be the final update on the daily evaluations of residence hall elevators. If you have a particular question about the inspection process, please call Ohio State Media Relations at 614-242-8385.