18:00 PM

Ohio State University experts available to discuss new Apple digital textbook service

In light of today’s announcement by Apple regarding a new digital textbook service, the Ohio State University has a number of experts available to discuss how this will impact teaching and learning. To interview an Ohio State expert, call Ohio State University Media Relations at (614) 292-8298, or call one of these experts directly.

Steve Acker - research director, Ohio Digital Bookshelf
(614) 292-6026
Acker says that digital textbooks will dominate following a lifelong-learning subscription model; in essence an updatable "editionless" textbook. The "net cost of use" of digital should be 15-20 percent below costs available to students who purchase books.

Wayne Carlson – professor of art, art education and computer science; vice provost and dean of undergraduate education
(614) 292-2872
Carlson says e-books will become effective once professors chose to create their class materials utilizing e-books. He believes that Apple’s new software must make producing an e-book as simple for professors as producing a textbook.

Scott Lissner – ADA coordinator for Ohio State
614) 292-6207
Lissner says the iPad does a great job of being accessible to students with disabilities.

Ken Petri - director of web access, office of the ADA coordinator
(614) 292-1760
Petri says that 20 percent of all textbook sales will be electronic by 2014 and this latest news from Apple could shorten that time frame. He believes that the iPad could redefine a textbook’s capabilities.