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Ombudsperson Elected to Nat#l Office

Ombudsperson Elected to Nat'l Office


     COLUMBUS -- Dalene Hoppe, assistant ombudsperson at The Ohio
State University, has been elected to serve on the Executive
Board of the University and College Ombuds Association for a 3-
year term.  She will be president of the organization in 1994-95.

     University and College Ombuds Association (UCOA) is an
international association of ombudspersons in higher education.
Ombudservices attempt to resolve concerns for all of the
university community, according to Hoppe.  The office distributes
information, directs people to the correct person, and acts as a
mediator when conflicts arise.

     Hoppe sees the election as an opportunity to build a
stronger network among ombudspersons globally.  She feels there
is a growing need for education on issues confronting all persons
who are part of a university.

     The Office of Ombudservices at Ohio State was instrumental
in the development of UCOA and has been a flagship office for the
association since its inception in 1986, said Betty Jo Hudson,
university ombudsperson.

     Hudson said, "This election reflects the high level of
professional and personal esteem with which Dalene is regarded by
our colleagues."

     Hoppe, a resident of WESTERVILLE, has worked in Ohio State's
ombudservice office for 15 years.  She has been involved with
UCOA since its beginning as an informal gathering of


Contact: Dalene Hoppe, University Ombudservices, (614) 292-0307
Written by Amy Ax.

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