18:19 PM

President Drake expresses thanks for front-line efforts during COVID-19 pandemic

Video message acknowledges “flexibility and courage”

As the university continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, President Michael V. Drake reiterated his thanks to students, faculty and staff across all Ohio State campuses.

In a video message, Drake saluted the efforts of the campus community.

“Before my time as president draws to a close, I again want to express my gratitude for all the extraordinary Buckeyes who have served on the front lines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said in the address.

“Each of you has demonstrated incredible flexibility and courage during unprecedented uncertainty.

“From public safety, food service and health care to facility operations, residential support and other vital areas, your efforts impact individuals and families in so many meaningful ways.

“We could not have endured this crisis as well as we have without your steadfast contributions.

“In the weeks and months ahead, your efforts will continue to remain essential to our health, protection and well-being. Together, we will move our university forward and advance the important work of improving lives in Ohio and beyond.”

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