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Star House center for homeless youth transitions to independent organization


Star House (formerly the Star House Foundation) - Ann Bischoff, 614-826-5868

The Ohio State University – Benjamin Johnson, 614-292-9681

The Ohio State University and Star House (formerly the Star House Foundation) announce that as of July 1, 2017, Star House will become an independent social service agency.

Ohio State opened Star House in 2006 with the mission of engaging and uplifting homeless youth and to conduct research on solutions for youth homelessness. Since that time, Star House has connected with more than 3,500 young people and has become a nationally recognized program for excellence in research and services.

Last year, the entity then known as the Star House Foundation approached Ohio State to discuss transforming the program into an independent operation, to enable Star House to grow into an even more responsive and sustainable provider of services to homeless youth in the community. Today, Star House is a fully functioning social service agency and is well-positioned to take this next step.

Star House has been a success story that represents the important work that flagship research universities like Ohio State do in incubating ideas into research projects that, in turn, yield programs to improve the lives of citizens in our community and across the nation.

In its new form, as an independent, nonprofit organization partnering with the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio, Star House will continue to address community needs, collaborate with innovative partners to extend operations, and draw upon a broad range of financial support to ensure that this beacon of hope and support in our community will continue to engage and uplift those it serves.