12:00 AM

Statement from Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee in support of the Federal Recovery and Reinvestment Act

"As financial indicators continue to trend downward, the need for a targeted, multi-faceted economic-recovery effort has become critical. The federal economic stimulus bill now under consideration by Congress is one of many steps needed to remedy our country's deteriorating fiscal circumstances. I applaud the inclusion of financial relief for states, investments in university research and infrastructure, and support for student financial aid, all of which will lead to both short- and long-term job creation across the state of Ohio.

To be sure, the massive effort needed to right our economic course requires something from each of us. I am fully committed to extending Ohio State's work to help fuel Ohio's economic recovery. We are determined to enhance our role as an economic engine by providing a world-class education for our students and by partnering with business and government to advance discoveries and innovations that create jobs. Now is precisely the moment for the United States to invest in our knowledge-economy future."