12:00 AM

Statement from Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee regarding state budget adjustments:

"Facing tough choices under extremely difficult circumstances, Governor Strickland deserves great thanks for taking action to preserve the state's commitment to its universities.

The Governor, General Assembly and the university are working as strategic and constructive partners as Ohio and the nation navigate these turbulent times. My pledge is that Ohio State will continue to work to be part of the solution to our state's economic revitalization.

While our state's leadership protects funding of our core instructional mission at public universities and colleges, the Ohio State administration is taking steps to control costs, realize savings and maintain quality. We are committed to returning maximum value for the dollars invested by our students, taxpayers and others who use or support the services we provide.

At Ohio State we also are determined to enhance and elevate our role as a $4 billion economic engine for the state by providing a world-class education for our undergraduate, graduate and professional students and by partnering with business and government to advance discoveries and innovations and create and keep jobs."