12:00 AM

Statement of Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee regarding Governor Strickland's FY 2010-2011 biennial budget submission

"Through the biennial budget blueprint unveiled today, Governor Strickland has once again demonstrated his steadfast commitment to public education at all levels. His strategic funding decisions foster the educational aspirations of our children and assure that Ohio's colleges and universities will continue to fuel our state's economic resurgence. Those decisions are in the best short- and long-term interests of 11 million Ohioans. I am grateful for Governor Strickland's strong leadership, and I look forward to working in partnership with him, Chancellor Fingerhut, and members of the General Assembly as the budget is refined and adopted.

Without question, these are uncommonly challenging times for so many Ohioans, but I firmly believe that our state will emerge from the current financial difficulties much stronger and better-positioned for the future. For our part, Ohio State will aggressively continue to seek ways to streamline our operations and enact efficiencies while increasing both educational quality and economic-development efforts."