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Story Ideas for Media 9/6/13

“It’s not your father’s school cafeteria.” With an emphasis on healthy options, locally grown produce, and a focus on sustainability, Student Life Dining Services provides Ohio State students with both good eating and an educational experience. Visit the kitchens, gardens and dining facilities to see the revolution in university food service. CONTACT: Dave Isaacs, (614) 292-8424, Isaacs.84@osu.edu.

College of Optometry holds Open House and Career Day - Sept. 14. The Ohio State University College of Optometry will hold an annual open house, where prospective students and their families can learn about the profession of optometry, rated recently as one of the best jobs in the nation. The program, which is free and open to the public, takes place from 1 to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 14 at the College of Optometry, Fry Hall, 338 W. 10th Ave. CONTACT: College of Optometry admissions, 614-292-2647, SEE: http://optometry.osu.edu/openHouse.

Is War Really Disappearing? A New Analysis Suggests Not. Countries May Simply Have Less Ability to Fight. While some researchers have claimed that war between nations is in decline, a new analysis suggests we shouldn’t be too quick to celebrate a more peaceful world.

The study finds that there is no clear trend indicating that nations are less eager to wage war, said Bear Braumoeller, author of the study and associate professor of political science at The Ohio State University.

Conflict does appear to be less common than it had been in the past, he said. But that’s due more to an inability to fight than to an unwillingness to do so.
“As empires fragment, the world has split up into countries that are smaller, weaker and farther apart, so they are less able to fight each other,” Braumoeller said. SEE: http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/wardecline.htm. CONTACT: Jeff Grabmeier, (614) 292-8457; Grabmeier.1@osu.edu.

The person listed as the CONTACT will have the most current information about the story. Call on our media relations staff for help with any Ohio State story: Jane Carroll, 614-292-5220 or carroll.296@osu.edu; Liz Cook, 614-292-7276 or cook.17@osu.edu; Gary Lewis, 614-292-2048 or lewis.330@osu.edu; or Amy Murray, 614-292-8385 or murray-goedde.1@osu.edu.