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Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign strives to engage 1M supporters

Campaign launches public phase with $4.5B goal; 500K donors invested

The Ohio State University today launched the public phase of Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign, the most ambitious, inclusive community-building and fundraising endeavor in the university’s 150 years of making history.

The campaign strives to engage 1 million supporters, an unprecedented level in higher education. Time and Change has a financial goal of $4.5 billion – also the largest in Ohio State’s history – with three core areas of focus: student success; discovery; and healthy, vibrant communities.

“As we celebrate Ohio State’s sesquicentennial, it is fitting to launch a campaign focused on the essence of what it means to be a Buckeye: our unwavering focus on people, their potential, our community and our collective impact around the world,” said President Michael V. Drake. “Together, we will continue to invest in the future and ignite hope — inspiring new generations and delivering innovations that serve the greater good.”

To ensure that this campaign is driven by academic priorities, the university’s strategic plan was used to engage hundreds of volunteers in the early themes and priorities. University, academic, medical center and volunteer leaders have been working together on campaign planning for the last four years. Continued partnerships with all stakeholders will be maintained and strengthened throughout Time and Change.

The But for Ohio State Campaign concluded in September 2016, having raised over $3 billion from more than 750,000 donors, both university records. The quiet phase of Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign began on Oct. 1, 2016, and nearly 500,000 donors have contributed over $1.7 billion so far.

“I am so grateful for the commitments of time, talent and treasure that our supporters have made, and continue to make, to ensure that members of our Ohio State community are always moving forward together,” said Catherine Baumgardner, chair of The Ohio State University Alumni Association Board of Directors. “That continued collaboration will deliver an unprecedented positive impact everywhere that Buckeyes visit, work and call home.”

G. Gilbert Cloyd, chair of The Ohio State University Foundation Board, agreed. “The expertise, insights and spirit contributed by our volunteer and academic leaders, supporters and friends are essential for this campaign to strengthen Ohio State’s culture of philanthropy,” he said. “Your gifts are investments in our students, researchers, patients, and others who believe in the potential of our people.”

Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign has ambitious goals and expectations, but Buckeye Nation demands nothing less and the positive momentum is palpable, said Michael C. Eicher, senior vice president of advancement and president of the Ohio State University Foundation.

“The energy and excitement around this campaign is tremendous,” Eicher said. “Through Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign, we will empower people to go further and accomplish more. With the incredible support of our generous Buckeyes, we will work together to improve lives, here in Ohio and around the world.”

For more information on Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign, please visit: campaign.osu.edu.

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