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Report of the independent investigation into sexual abuse committed by Dr. Richard Strauss

Public records associated with investigation

The Ohio State University today announced the release of a report representing the culmination of the 12-month investigation by Perkins Coie into sexual misconduct committed by Dr. Richard Strauss while he was employed at Ohio State from 1978 to 1998. The report details acts of sexual abuse against at least 177 former students. Investigators concluded that university personnel at the time had knowledge of complaints and concerns about Strauss’ conduct as early as 1979 but failed to investigate or act meaningfully.

Investigators made every effort to protect the anonymity of survivors. Accordingly, the names of survivors are omitted from the report. The university advocated with the State Medical Board of Ohio to be allowed to release the full, unredacted report, and we filed a motion in that regard with the federal court. The medical board opposed our motion to the court citing R.C. 4731.22(F). The federal court denied our motion. Therefore, portions of the report referring to the medical board’s investigatory file on Strauss must be redacted. The university will continue to advocate for permission to release the redacted portions of the report.

The report contains explicit descriptions of abuse.

Link to the investigative report.

Public records cited in the report 

Public records that contain Strauss’ name or information specifically regarding Strauss