18:00 PM

Student Campaign Hopes to Relieve Stress on Campus

In an effort to combat student depression and promote mental health awareness, students of Ohio Staters, Inc. will spend Wednesday, May 19 making The Ohio State University an oasis of happiness. In their third annual “Best Day of Your Life” campaign, a number of activities will take place on campus to remind students of the little things in life that bring them joy. The activities will take place in conjunction with many efforts to make students aware of their mental health and the resources for mental wellness on campus.

Among the activities are:
*Music stations across campus
*Hot Dog Stations providing food for students on the Oval
*Charlie Brown-style lemonade stands
*A High Five Movement with students stationed on campus high-fiving anyone who would like to participate
*Comfort food in the Dining Halls to help students remember food they enjoyed from their childhood (North and Kennedy Commons)
*Sounds of the Alma Mater, Carmen Ohio, playing from the Orton Tower bells each hour during the day
*Free Ice Cream provided by the Ohio Union in the outdoor plaza.
*Ice cream from the CD101 truck on the Oval
*Volunteers in "Swag Mobiles" surprising students with different giveaways such as gift certificates and other fun items
*Pyrotechnics display at 9:00pm on the South Oval

“The stress of college life often takes a toll on the mental health of students and we hope to temporarily relieve some of the daily stress that they face,” said Emily Chen, a junior with Ohio Staters, Inc. and one of the campaign coordinators. “It’s our aim to reduce stigma often associated with seeking mental help while helping students focus on the types of things that make them happy in their lives.”

According to a survey by the American College Health Association, nearly half of all college students report having depression that impairs daily function and near 15 percent meet the criteria for clinical depression. In addition, the National Institute of Mental Heath reported that depression can be successfully treated more than 80 percent of the time.

Event organizers have arranged for counselors from the Office of Student Life to be available on the Oval on May 19 to take any questions from students. Students should look for the DJ stations to find counselors.

The aim of the "Best Day of Your Life" campaign is to alleviate mental health stigma while promoting student wellness. Event organizers want to remind people of the little things in life that make them happy, and that can brighten their day. The campaign will kick-off with post cards being distributed to all students living on campus with information on activities and mental health resources available through the university. Residence hall bulletins will also provide students with information on health and wellness. Students are encouraged to discover resource opportunities offered through the university at the event as well as through the Ohio State website.

For 75 years, Ohio Staters, Inc. has worked to promote projects that make Ohio State a better place. The organization has also undertaken recent projects such as Buckeye Bikes, Light Up the Lake, Festival of The Finest, Becoming a Nut First Year Experience Program, and the Best Fans in the Land campaign.